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Author: Veronica Trethewey   Date Posted:27 June 2017 

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Where Did Flava Spring From?

Ever had an idea which you just couldn’t shake?

Ideas mixed with a passion, is how small businesses start. It’s how ideas mature into new business. “Flava Gifts” started like this too.

Our idea of having corporate gifting mixed and stirred with our passion of supporting local, Australian businesses.

This passion was formed from the life of our two other businesses; accountancy and bookkeeping. 

Over many years, both Cat and I (Veronica) have worked with local businesses and have seen the challenges they face. The challenges of producing in Australia, marketing products and services in Australia and all the while, the world continually shrinks.

Flava Gifts was formed with these thoughts in mind…….We started with a desire to support local businesses. You know – the mum and dad kind of businesses. We wanted to help feed our local children and give back to society.

During our journey in creating Flava Gifts, we found this whole "other" world. So many wonderful, creative people with a passion; to create, evolve and build a service or product.

We learned lots too! We spent a lot of time hunting down local flavours (flava)….. Found so many high quality products within reach but largely unknown. This made us very excited!!

Our passion is to support local businesses.

Included in that passion, our experience of wanting to thank our own clients.

Have you ever looked for a meaningful gift for that client you want to show appreciation to?

If you have, I bet it took hours. Did it consume your day? Became daunting?

It’s really is quite difficult to find a unique, thoughtful and meaningful gift, which can be appreciated by the gift receiver.

If you’re like me, you don’t want to give clients flowers, chocolates or even wine. You want to give them a lasting gift, which will have them thinking of you every day – 365 days a year!  In business today, you want to stand out from all the maze of business offering the same services.

This is the very heart of Flava Gifts. Here is a few cases we have dealt with.

Case: Client "A" wanted to show appreciation to a client of theirs. How did they do this? They knew their client was moving house. In contacting flava, we helped them find that perfect gift - moving boxes which were rented for three weeks. Now – was that meaningful to their client? You bet. Would that make a lasting impression? I think so.

Client "B" of ours had a client, who mentioned they wanted to map their business on a wall. They wanted to mark out where their business was located and mark the suburbs of where their clients came from. Flava Gifts sourced that perfect gift - a map. Had it mounted on a pin board and the logo of that gift receiver added. Thoughtful, meaningful and unique.

Why not let Flava Gifts help find out what your client considers as meaningful.

Let’s make a lasting impression that enables your clients to be thinking of you 365 days a year!

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