Why Christmas Gifting is Painful

Author: Cat Paz   Date Posted:28 November 2017 

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In Australia, Christmas is a time to celebrate life and the birth of Jesus and is a great way to reflect on the year.  Without the popula US holidays like Thanksgiving which happens every last Thursday of November in the US, you find in Australia there is “Christmas Creep” where in the middle of October retailers are well and truly making it clear that you should be considering purchasing Christmas gifts.


With the way we live becoming more and more complex, taking the time out to buy a Christmas gift seems to leave many with a sense of hesitation.  


"Even if you are the receiver you inwardly cringe at the prospect of being given something you hate."


At family events you grin and bear tha awkward for the sake of keeping things cordial.


What about for your business? Businesses also send gifts to clients around this festive season.  But here is what we have found businesses struggle with when it comes to choosing the perfect gift:


  1. Time - as we head to closing our doors for about 2 weeks in December for the festive season, time is not on our side.  Businesses scuttle to get that gift for clients before it's too late. With that time pressure, it's no surprise when businesses end up buying that hamper with stuff even they deep down would’nt like.  Or even worse, the process feels so painful, that you end up going for the ‘best of a bad bunch’.


  1. Penny Pinching - Look it's okay to watch your dollars and cents, that makes a prudent business owner. But more often than not, the receiver is unintentionally aware that your efforts were driven budget constraints especially if that gift (like a bottle of wine) is not commiserate of your showing appreciation to the client.  Think of clients as a cat, they need you to truly show you are appreciative of the relationship and the gift is a symbol of that.  If you buy a gift because it is ‘at a good price’, its important to think about what are you putting out there. With family gifts you kind of let it go but with clients its not so cut and dry.


With Flava gifting we ensure our focus is on making sure your client is completely aware that the gift they receive is 100% about showing appreciation and not a way of guilt tripping them into staying with you and that’s because the gift is all wrong for them in the first place.


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