When Gifting Sucks!

Author: Veronica Trethewey   Date Posted:13 April 2018 

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One of my business associates posted an interesting post on their face-book page recently.

His mother had sadly passed away and while going through her things, found unused gift cards. Here is part of his blurb:

In going through some of Mums things, we found some unused gift cards.... one of them had recently expired... I contacted the issuer of the card to seek on compassionate grounds to reactivate the card or issue a new one as we didn't know the card existed until she passed away and went through her things... the response from gift card planet is below....

"I can confirm that in these circumstances once a card has passed its 12 month redemption period we are unable to extend or reissue. The card cannot be used after expiry. At expiry, the remaining available balance will be forfeited. We will not give you any notice before this happens.

It would be of no surprise to anyone, stores sell gift cards knowing most will go unused. The bonus of upselling!

What surprises me though, is how companies use gift cards as a way to say thanks.

I received a gift card recently. It was from a store I love, and even though I love the store, my gift card expired before I realised I had run out of time.

During my busy schedule, time never seemed right to go and explore - WELLA - expired!

But perhaps the real reason I hadn’t gone to collect on the gift card - the value was a lot less than I was going to spend, so I was expecting to add money to whatever I decided to buy. It was (at that time) in the ‘too hard basket’.

Christmas is often the time businesses feel pressured into gifting staff and business associates. They start looking for ways to ‘tick a box’. It might surprise you to know that when corporate gifting, Christmas is NOT the recommended time to gift. There are many reasons why, in which I amnot going into today.

When ticking a box – you provide a gift - but will it be appreciated?

A gift, I received from a client of mine, was just one of those gifts. I felt like a ‘box being ticked’. Why? -  I don’t drink (I am sure they know) and I received a bottle of plonk.

How did I feel?

Pretty disappointed actually. I would have preferred not to receive a gift at all. In fact, a $4 bottle of juice would have been more appreciated.

The secret of corporate gifting is to know the receiver.

Do they have children?

Do they socialize regularly?

Drink?  Or don’t drink?

There are so many questions that can be asked to eliminate the types of gifts which will not be appreciated.

Which leads me to the next question.

What is the purpose of gifting?

A         Show appreciation

B         Harvest the relationship

C          Preserve Goodwill

D         Receive future business

If done wrong – you won’t achieve any of the above attributes.

All to hard?

The good news – there are corporate gifting companies who do the hard work for you.

Even better news! We are one of them.

Check out our corporate section at www.flavagifts.com.au




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