The Effects of Showing Appreciation

Author: Veronica Trethewey   Date Posted:22 October 2017 

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In people all over, not matter what country you are from, there is stress. People seem to be pushed to their limit with commitments. The work / life balance is a phrase spoken, but all too often unachieved.  Believe me - I know!!

Most of us are so busy trying to achieve more in life that we often fail to see what we already have. We often fail to stop and acknowledge the accomplishments of our business and all too often are so busy chasing future business that we neglect to acknowledge the business being done. We get on with paying the bills, chasing cash flow and juggling our time and money.

Corporate gifting is one vehicle we can use to say ‘thanks’ to important clients who have partnered with us in business.  It’s amazing what a little bit of appreciation does.

Just stop for a moment to think how you felt when you received a gift from an appreciative supplier? Think of the time you received the gift, at an unexpected moment?

I recently gifted a client of mine who had just had their second child. I purchased a height chart with their family name. It was done without expectation and the response was awesome!  Not only were they surprised but it has become a valuable part of their family home.

So guess what? When another associate asked about their business needs, they recommended me! I was the one who was in the front of their minds when asked.

Not only does corporate gifting allow us to say ‘thanks for your business’, it ensures that if gifted where it really counts, they will think of you when conversation arises.

The height chart given has started many conversations and when asked ‘where did you get it’ my name comes up. I love being part of their conversation 365 days a year. I love being that unseen guest around their family room with their family and friends. I love getting referrals!! 

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