Corporate Gifting Strategy

Author: Veronica Trethewey   Date Posted:1 August 2017 

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Corporate gifting is not a new strategy.

It's been in practise for decades and happens when companies want to show appreciation to clients, employees and partners in business.

A very common time corporate gifting occurs in Australia is during the festive season. This season is when most businesses show some kind of appreciation for work completed or business exchanged. 

I have a friend whose employer would pop a $100 gift card in the pigeon holes of each employee. Instead of the employees looking forward to this experience, it became a frenzy of exchanging cards. Employees quickly scrambling to exchange cards with others hoping to receive something useable to themDuring this experience, the opportunity to show appreciation was lost.

This can happen when gifting is a "spur of the moment" or simply 'too hard' to get the right gift..... after exhausting all avenues, the gifter ends up deciding on "something rather than nothing"  - after all it's the thought that counts - right?

In many businesses, corporate gifting is an opportunity for the gifter to add their logo to the gift. Unfortunately, by displaying a business logo which isn't your clients’ logo makes the gift about the giver not the receiver

Would you buy your loved one an expensive leather bag and add our own initials to the bag? If you wouldn't add our own name to a private gift, why add your business logo to corporate gifts?  

Wouldn't it be better if your gift become a centre of attention 365 days a year? Having your gift create interest about you and your business? Creating such an impact that your name becomes part of conversation on a regular basis.

Flavagifts specializes in creating gifts that are unique to the receiver.  Enabling the opportunity of conversation about you and your business with clients’ contacts and close connections 365 days a year!

How do we do this? If you find your interest peaked - ask us how we can help your business show appreciation in a meaningful way. 

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