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Author: Cat   Date Posted:15 April 2017 

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Add Some Flava to your Life!

We (Cat and Veronica) both work in the financial industry. Cat as an accountant and Veronica as a bookkeeper. And as you may have guessed, we work closely with small businesses and love being around them and hearing their stories.

After talking to many small businesses in our other businesses, we realised the support for local businesses is decreasing and this was through noticing a higher level of businesses failing. We want to help other small business and created Flava to do that through the gift of giving and expressing love and endearment with local products.  Through Flava, the local businesses have the opportunity to market their products to the lucky gift receipients by filling by filling our Flava hampers with their products, and share their story about the passion they have for their business.

We have so many amazing products being created on our doorstep, let's share them!

Corporate Gifts 

We also provide customised gifts for other businesses and corporates.  It's not just any corporate hamper. We select the the contents of your gifts that meet your business ethos and aesthetic.  All corporate gifts provided are further customised to look and feel like your branding.

Give Back Twice with Flava

With Flava, you get to give twice.  Part proceeds of Flava income will be donated to 100Women (www.100women.com.au), a not-for-profit which supports other charities through collective giving.  Every 100Women donation dollar is placed in a grant funding pool and those funds are then passed on to charities that support and provide meaningful initiatives for other women and children around the world to enable them to live a better life